Over the last few years, Barrie has had a profound shift

in her lifestyle and life priorities. Feeling an emptiness

in her life and often dealing with generalized anxiety,

she began a personal quest to find what she felt

passionate about beyond her role as a mom, and to

figure out how to quiet the “voice in her head” that

triggered the anxiety and suffering she experienced.

Her journey led her to a new career as a personal

coach, personal development blogger, teacher, and

author. Through her work and research, she

encountered several profound “aha” moments when

she learned more about mindfulness practices,

simplifying, and identifying a few life priorities where

she wanted to spend most of her time and energy.

She recently moved from a congested and busy suburb

of Atlanta to Asheville, NC, where she enjoys a slower

pace of life in a town that focuses on healthy living,

great food, interpersonal connections, nature, and

music 먹튀검증.

She downsized to a much smaller house, getting rid of

many of her possessions and streamlining her

wardrobe. She prioritizes relationships, experiences,

and meaningful work over things, money, and prestige.

In her daily life, she tries to focus on balance and being

present, using meditation, exercise, and time in nature

as her tools.

Steve’s Story…

For many years, Steve led a pretty simplistic lifestyle,

but since the second half of 2015 he has experienced

four major life event changes (marriage, a new

baby, buying a house, and starting a brand new

business). While all of these events have been amazing,

they have also led to an increased amount of stress in

his life.

At first, Steve felt overwhelmed by these changes, but

he eventually learned how to simplify what goes

through his head, and to be in the moment with

whatever he is doing at the time. So now, when he

spends time with his wife and son, he is 100 percent in

the moment; and when he’s working, he completes

important tasks in a productive flow state.

The strategies that Steve and Barrie both use to

overcome the stress in their lives aren’t easy. But they

definitely work?if you’re willing to work at it on a daily

basis. These are the strategies that you’ll discover in

the following book.


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