Players must be aware of the following, so that they can maintain responsibility when arranging their gamble.

1) Everything is defined by random chance. Casino slot machines, for example, operate at a variable ratio reinforcement system, so the probability of any outcome is unpredictable. Players can control their emotional and mental states that increase the chances of winning, however, they should not over-estimate the effects of their personal choices and control over the outcome of a game. Some players act on superstitions and systems that they believe are their own skills that increase their winning odds. For example, “blowing the dice”, or wishing for a win before a spin. Some believe that there are systemic patterns or codes that can be cracked, so they record previous winning numbers, for example, or are selective on which machines or tables to play on (because they believe this affects their luck).

2) The reward circuits of the brain, found in the Striatum region, are stimulated whenever we make monetary winnings (or “near misses”). For example, ringing bells and flashing lights always accompany any winning jackpots. When this becomes a reinforced and regulated pattern, it can cause chemical and 먹튀사이트 physiological changes in the brain, which can condition behaviors related to risk-taking and judgment, and may contribute to gambling addiction. Some players will perceive risk as a means of achieving certain awards.


3) In addition to above, the casino environment is designed so that the theta brainwave activity of players are higher, which means their judgment is distorted, they are more zoned out and are less rational. This makes them more likely to instinctually favor reward gains and avoid punishments to achieve a goal, so they are more likely to perform acts of self-sabotage due to lowered risk perception.

and accumulated debts from losses. Often times, problematic players make larger bets to “repair” or “average out” the losses, or “chase” after a potential win that may be just around the corner.

4) Most players can get caught up in the joys of winning so they drop their guard. Losing self-control or changing one’s value of money at any moment can result in higher chances of losing it.

5) Players who have continuous winning streaks might have an altered perception of their luck and may assume that it is a predictive value for their continued future success.


6) Many players selectively remember only their gambling wins and not their losses.

7) Most people have a tendency to value money differently based on the situation. This means that players may value the money played with in casinos as if it’s not really theirs and really only the property of the casino, and because it is “won” rather than earned. Therefore, this changes one’s perception of what is actually lost and won. In the end, it is always real money on the table.


8) The gambling industry features the very rare instances of lottery winners, with advertisements that feature them smiling with giant cheques.

9) Gambling is a form of entertainment that feeds the players the adrenaline or dopamine rush that convinces them of its pleasure and keeps them coming back.


10) In lotteries or casinos, the operators must always monitor the percentage of gamblers so that the house (or casino) is at an advantage over the long term.

11) Electronic machines give players the illusion of control. They do a psychological trick that makes the gambler abandon any sense of risk, disregard his or her odds, and get caught up in manipulative powers that can lead to addictive behaviors.


12) The payoffs in gambling are conditional reinforcements done by the casino under a very complex and unpredictable system. They do this to generate gambling behavior in their favor.

13) The longer the game continues, the larger the bets ? So, casinos create environments that make players want to stay longer, such as the smells of food, perfume, flashy lights, etc. Rationality is reduced due to cognitive overload, which pushes careless gambling and blind guessing.


With all of these points in mind, it is clear that there are several functions in our heads that we must be aware of while playing. Mental, emotional and intuitive mastery comes with awareness, balanced perceptions, and proactive decisions in keeping things in moderation.


There are different pre-game routines that a poker player will need to constantly practice. Most of the routines can turn out to be very beneficial, as they will give players better self-awareness. Most mental and emotional strategies are strengthened with pre-game routines, which gives the players clarity and direction.


The first pre-game routine, which people will need to consider, is having a shower before gambling. In most cases, players will feel cooler doing a game when they have already showered, and their minds are reset to be fully present and functioning properly. Imagine a scenario where you are doing the game, and you feel worked up. That will not serve right to the mental being of a player or any gambler. Eating well is also advised by most people before going to gamble. When a player is full they will concentrate on a game better, more than when they are hungry.

Reading books or watching movies that pertain to gambling are also part of pre-game routines. Books will give players a lot of information, strategies and tips that will be needed by a player for gambling. Books also give players a lot of thought on what they will be doing or gambling. Movies are also important as they have a lot of information gamblers can emulate.


Reading reviews is also a pre-game step that needs to be done. It will give players a lot of options on which game they need to be doing. That means most players will need to grab reviews to understand and be psychologically prepared for the next step. Visualizing or meditation is also part of the mental homework that most players apply so that they can tell whether they are going to manage the game or not.

A player must be awake, so any food or beverages to sustain alertness are recommended. For example, caffeinated beverages, pre-workout energizing drinks or juices.


Prepare for small talk and conversations. Players always have their charismatic presence in check and are prepared to make jokes when needed.

Lastly, a player must have all of their equipment needs in their portable bags handy, such as water or wipes.


A player’s gambling style has a great influence on his or her personality. How players listen to their intuition will either turn them into successful gamblers or miserable gamblers. In this case, we will review the three kinds of players that were discussed at the beginning. The best thing is for players to differentiate between good vs. winning gambling and understand their limits. That will be important in shaping their personalities and future prospects.

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